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All of the Finest Audio Equipment for any size film Production.

  • Motorola 2-way radios & accessories
  • Wireless location Internet
  • Denecke timecode slates & generators
  • Lectrosonics wireless systems & IFB's
  • Music Video playback systems
  • Sound Devices 4 & 8 track hard disk recorders

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Find all of your Racing Communications in one place & shop for them online.

  • Complete team systems
    for sale or rent
  • Uniden track scanners
  • Car harnesses for all
    brands of radios
  • Chatterbox Drivers Ed.
  • Trackside support & service
  • Earbud & Helmet Kits

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At Sync Speed, Inc., we've incorporated our experience in the TV and Film industries with our love of racing. When it comes to film location audio rental and racing communications sales and rentals, we go the distance.






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