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We are Pennsyvania's largest walkie rental house established in 2003.  All of our radios are UHF units featuring 16 channels of crystal clear communications for all of your departments to use. All of our walkie rentals include a new spare batteries, six bank chargers, and your choice of headset, surveillance mic, or handmic with each unit. All of our walkie channels have been chosen with great care and research, and are cleared by the FCC..

We understand that the units need to work from the moment you get to location. That is why we send all of our units and spare batteries fully charged and ready to use right out of the box.

We also understand that sometimes unforeseen needs come up mid-production for a spare unit or ten. That is why we will always try to include some spares of everything in your order, just in case. We have been there, Trust us.  We are reachable and accessible to help make your rental go as smooth as possible.  We take pride in making your walkie talkies the easiest part of your production day.

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